Why Come To Me

Ballard Violins, London

Reach your audience

More dynamic, more colour and more sensitive to your touch.

You don’t need a $10,000,000 Stradivari to give you a million dollar performance, but you do need an instrument that can offer you the maximum amount of response, projection and tonal colour. The more efficiently an instrument can react to your touch the more effectively you will be able express yourself with it.

This is how my instruments have been designed to do just that:

  • The arching – traditional Cremonese in design, finely tuned with computer assistance. Design Process
  • The setup – bridge, sound-post, bass-bar and strings. All these must be complimentary to each other, efficient in design and tuned for maximum effect. Even the tail piece resonant frequency is tuned so as not to sap energy from the instrument’s principal resonances.
  • Body and Air resonances – the wood structure, the air inside the instrument and the air in the sound holes all vibrate with a very similar resonant frequency. When they are all tuned exactly together the instrument really sings.